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That’s Adorable, How Joey Feek Shares Her Sweet Honorable Kiss With Her Daughter Indiana!

Joey and her daughter Indiana shared an adorable kiss on Valentine’s Day in a photo they just posted to Joey + Rory’s Instagram profile, on Saturday, February 14. She captioned the photo with “….happy Valentine’s day mama”, a sweet stuff to read. The picture includes an ill country singer reclined in a bed, facing a sunny window as she cherishes on her toddler, who will turn 2 in present week.

This mother daughter love came up after her husband posted a blog about his Valentine day’s plan with her wife.

The country singer recalled on his blog due to his saying “our very first date was on Valentine’s day in 2002”. This life I live on Friday, February 12”. Joey worked in the horse-vet clinic at that time, Tennessee Equine Hospital, had a valentines get together for all their staff members and she also invited me to come with her. That night was surprisingly amazing. The reason behind was, right after two months of that night, we were engaged, and after that Joey and I were married”.

X joey and rory indiana

Rory further explained that she had only wanted to share a candle light dinner with his bride. Due to her fragile health, Joey was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in June 2015, and was admitted in hospice care, the last fall.

He wrote; “I want to take her back to where our lives first began together, and relive this beautiful journey that God has taken us on”. Also, “From that first song she heard me sing at the Bluebird café, to the last one we sang together as we stood on stage and took our final bow… to the songs that she will leave behind here on earth and the ones she will soon sing for eternity to our sweet lord in that heavenly choir up yonder”.

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