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The 14 Year Old Willow Is Totally A Genius!

You might have met many 14 year old kids but this one is totally different. Most of the 14 year old kids tend to show interest in movies, video games and school projects but this 14 year old kid accomplished something far more greater than these simple pleasures of teen-life. Willow Tufano has been receiving homeschooling through an online school. She loves to gain knowledge in the comfort of her home through her personal computer. Apart from attending her online school, Willow is indulged in the activity to sell free items and collect money. She gains access to free objects available on Craigslist and sells them for a competent price. Willow mostly sold electronical appliances, baby items, and video games.

mom sees 14 year old empty house awesome

Willow, amazingly has developed a business mind at such a young age. She also collected various items from trash and auctions and used to sell them on the internet. Through her hidden business, Willow managed to gather around 6000 dollars. After gathering this amount, Willow was interested in buying a 100,000 dollar house. Although the house was way too expensive for her but market conditions deteriorated and the price of the house fell to 16,000 dollars. Willow further negotiated on the price and got the house for around 12,000 dollars.

mom sees 14 year old empty house awesome

When Willow told her parents about her plans to buy a house, they were just shocked. Further when she told them about her 6000 dollar savings, they were confused, shocked and proud at the same time. Willow got this house with three bedrooms and made some changes to the kitchen, proudly converting it into a brand new stylish kitchen from an old and dirty one.

After making certain changes, Willow has rented the house at 700 dollars a month and at the age of just 14 years she has turned into a landlord.


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