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The Best Things In Life That Bring True Happiness

According to a survey conducted over 2000 adults by DoubleTree, more than half of the adults were generally happy with their lives. With an optimistic attitude, they looked at life with a half glass full perspective. More than 80% of them said that the happiest moments were usually unexpected. Indeed, it is the small daily happenings in life that make it so spectacular. Below are the best things in life that may apparently be small but they make a person feel happier than he is at the previous moment.

True Happiness

  1. When you find money in your pocket even though you were pretty sure you didn’t have it! Seems like a bonus doesn’t it?
  2. Having free time for something like an extra long shower or a very relaxing bath.
  3. When a child in the public smiles at you for no reason and you smile back.
  4. Cuddling with your partner or kid before you start up your day. Another moment that adds to this one is realizing that the morning is fresh, beautiful and mood enhancing.
  5. Happiness is talking to someone on the phone after a very long while even though you know that the person is very important. A long conversation improves the mood and makes you feel happier.
  6. Playing with your pets or with animals in general certainly enhances the mood. Experts say that this has something to do with the hormones that are specifically produced when you cuddle and love your pets and animals.
  7. Imagine the feeling of laughing out loud at a memory that happened so long ago! If it can still make you laugh, it can definitely bring a lot of happiness along.
  8. The smell of the outside after it has stopped raining is one of the most soothing feelings that nature can provide.
  9. What more could someone want than eating breakfast in bed? Imagine someone fixing up a tray for you while you can sip away the coffee in bed.
  10. When you wake up and look at the clock, only to realize that you still have fifteen more minutes to snooze the time away. There is no greater glory than to close your eyes again and collapse on the soft pillows.
  11. Happiness comes with the song that you once loved but you haven’t listened to it in years.
  12. When you take time to help someone with their problems, it is going to make you feel great.

The Best Things In Life

These things are apparently small happenings but when they come unexpectedly, they take you by surprise. You do not realize the importance of these small moments until they come and unless they have passed. You are generally in control of your own happiness as more than half of the happiness in any given situation is related to perspective and optimism. It is all about watching a glass that is half empty or half full. Your perspective creates happiness in a situation and vice versa. No one has the power to make you feel good rather that comes from within yourself. Only you can give yourself an uplift in your own eyes. Once that is accomplished, staying happy is easy.

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