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The Treatment For UTI – Do It Yourself

Every organ plays a very important part in your body. Heart pumps blood to all the body parts while kidneys play an important part in cleansing your body of all the toxins. If you want to lead a healthy life then it is important that you take care of all your body parts. In order to make your body healthy, you need to take balanced diet, exercise and have regular medical check-ups.

Urinary tract infection: Symptoms

UTI is known to be the most common disease among women and treatment for UTI is must. UTI mainly stands for urinary tract infection and it tends to affect the kidneys, bladder, urethra, and the tract through which urine exits our body. If during urination, you feel itching and burning plus your urine has very strong smell then it is very likely that you might be developing a UTI. During UTI, you might continuously feel the urge to urinate and the urine will come out in small amounts. After urinating you are again going to feel as if your bladder is filling up with urine. UTI gets much worse if you tend to control your urge to urinate or don’t drink enough water.

Treating UTI in women:

UTI is a highly recurring situation in women. Most of the women tend to ignore UTI when it is initial stages so they face high level of discomfort in the later stages of this infection. Although UTI could be easily treated with antibiotics but it recurs after every few days so most of the women search for natural remedies in order to get rid of this infection.

Treatment For UTI

  • First ever natural remedy is to drink lots of water. Water helps washout all the bacteria’s and germs that cause infection in the urinary tract.
  • Another very effective natural remedy includes Goldenseal and Oregon grape. There herbs contain elements like alkaloids and berberine that are very effective in eliminating the UTI. Not only these elements provide death to the infectious bacteria but they also detach all the bacteria from the walls of bladder.
  • Cranberry also proves to be another important element that helps in reducing the affects of UTI and preventing it from recurring. Cranberry powder is also available in sachets on the medical stores. All you need to do is to drink almost 20 to 24 ounces a day of cranberry juice. Recently cranberry extracts are also available in the form of capsules; these capsules also prove very helpful in eliminating this infection and preventing it from recurring.
  • You can also cure your UTI by drinking heavy amounts of lemonade. Lemon contains citric acid that is very helpful in curing all sorts of urinary tract infections.
  • Another compound known as arbutin is known to be very effective in eliminating infectious bacteria. This compound is mostly found in uva ursi. This herb is mostly available in Europe.
  • If you are continuously facing the issue of bleeding along with UTI then you can easily treat this issue with the help of horsetail.

Treatment UTI

UTI can be easily treated through natural herbs and other homely remedies. If you face the symptoms of UTI then it would be better to attend them immediately instead of waiting for it to get worse as UTI can also result in severe damage of kidneys.

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