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This Sperm Switch Will Let Men Turn Their Fertility On and Off

Over the years, men and women equally strive to adopt the harmless contraceptive procedures. But the issue is that whichever contraceptive method you adopt; every method has its own drawbacks. Recently, Bimek SLV, a product created by the German company came into the news. The product is commonly known by the name of “sperm switch” but it is still in the experimental phase.

Sperm switch

The main idea behind this sperm switch is to control the flow of sperm towards the female partner during the end of the intercourse. Researchers are of the opinion that if marketed, this product will become a very successful contraceptive tool.

The rumor about this contraceptive switch started at the start of the January 2016. According to the rumor, a contraceptive tool has been invented by a German carpenter. This contraceptive tool enables the men to control on stop the flow of sperms during an intercourse. This tool is available in the form of a switch and you just need to flick the switch in order to operate it.

Clemens Bimek, the German carpenter, claims that his switch is going to bring a great advancement to the field of contraception as the switch he has created is very easy to use and free from any harmful effects. Bimek further claims that his sperm switch just needs to be settled under the scrotum and then it activates with the help of a valve.

Here it has been shown the working of switch , which has been inserted with operation.

“Many of the doctors I consulted didn’t take me seriously,” Bimek said. “But there were some who encouraged me to go on tinkering and helped me with their expertise.”

Although Clemens Bimek is quite confident about the functioning of this switch but still this switch is collecting lots of doubts from the researchers. Currently this switch is in the experimental phase and has not been approved by the SLV yet. According to a schedule released on the Blimek SlV website, the initial clinical trials of this switch will be held at the end of this year.

SLV is bound by the law to follow the standard rules to first test this device on the human volunteers and then release it to the market after determining the satisfactory safety level.



You can check out the entire demo video here.

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