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Throat Soothing Women’s Health Herbal Remedies

One can only enjoy the benefits of life if one is leading a healthy life. In order to stay healthy we must adopt a healthy way of life by eating balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis. But you must keep this in mind that leading a healthy life doesn’t provide you the guarantee of never falling ill again. Human beings are known by the name of social animals because they have to socialise with other people, which proves quite infectious for them sometimes.  Flu and throat infection are few of those diseases that you can easily catch from any other person. You can go for medicines and antibiotics for the treatment but why go for antibiotics when these diseases can easily be cured with women’s health herbal remedies.

women's health herbal remedies

Home remedies more effective than medicines:

Instead of trying medicines to cure these diseases, it is much better for the women to try some natural home remedies as these remedies don’t have any sort of side effects. When you take any medicine for the cure of any disease; it tends to cure your disease but it also provides some negative effects on your body. Trying to cure your body from natural remedies protects your body from the harmful effects of any medicine.

So, if you are facing the issue of severe vibrating coughs or if your throat remains sore throughout the day and irritates you then all you have to do is to try these simple homely remedies and you are going to feel instant relaxation.


Yes simple and pure honey! Honey is known to be extremely beneficial for the throat related issues. According to the recent research, honey contains anti-oxidant and most powerful anti-bacterial qualities that are the reason it provides instant relaxation to the throat and cures all sorts of coughing and throat infections. You can either try honey in its pure form or if you want to further flavors to honey then you can also use it in diluted form.


Some simple remedies:

Another honey related remedy includes honey and Luke warm water. All you have to do is to add two teaspoons full of honey into a glass of Luke warm water and drink it two to three times a day.

Another remedy includes honey and green tea; all you need to do is to add two teaspoons of honey into a cup of green tea and try to drink this mixture almost two to three times a day. If you are not feeling any relaxation then it’s better to drink this mixture after every three hours.

Which honey is strongly effective?

Most of the people ask about the type of honey that provides instant relaxation from sore throat well here you should keep one thing in mind that the honey which comes from Manuka tree has strongest anti-bacterial properties so it provides instant cure and soothing to your throat.

Using honey in other forms:

The other ways to use honey in order to cure your throat from infection, soreness and coughing include

  • Mixing the honey into yogurt; it not only provides cure to your throat but is also beneficial for your stomach.
  • Use in salad dressings
  • Use as a dressing over baked items

You can also use honey in Luke warm water along with ginger; this also helps cure sore throat and coughing plus the addition of ginger not only protects your body from flu but it also strengthens the immunity of your throat against throat infections.

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