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Top 10 Tips for How To Care For Fingernails

Clean, pretty and healthy nails are not only adding beauty to your hands but also are the signs of good health. You may notice that usually on a visit to a doctor, he will ask to show your nails; it is because nails show how healthy you are. Pink, clean and spotless nails are usually termed as healthy nails. Fortunately, for healthy and pretty nails you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. You can cure them at home by adopting how to care for fingernails tips that are very easy and inexpensive methods mentioned below:

  • Massage your nails regularly

It is important to massage your nails regularly. Massaging results in the fast growth and bringing shine into your nails. It doesn’t need many expensive creams or lotions or to visit to a beauty salon. You can do it at home by applying simple petroleum jelly and massage light handed around the nails, cuticles ands skin. Massage is actually increasing the blood circulation, which makes your nails healthy and healthy nails mean always beautiful.

how to care for fingernails


  • Eat healthy food

Always try to eat healthy food like yogurt, milk, vegetables, meat, fruits and fresh juices. All these foods are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron and magnesium, which are making your nails strong, healthy and pretty.

A beautiful girl eating healthy food

  • Use gloves during work

Gloves are very good tools that are providing protection to your hands as well as to your nails from damages. Whenever you have to perform certain works like dish washing, clothes washing, bathroom scrubbing, preparing a garden and many other works like this nature. Detergents, washing powders and fertilizers include too many chemicals, which can cause damage to your nails. Continuous exposure to water results in the softening of nails, and hence they can easily break or crake. For the purpose always try to wear rubber gloves.

gloves for nail care

  • Use good-quality  nail enamels

Nail polishes are artificial ways to add beauty to your nails and are also a part of fashion. Never use bad quality nail enamel as it contains certain chemicals, which cause discoloration, infection and other damages to your nails. Always use quality and branded products. Avoid excessive use of nail polish as it greatly resulting in discoloration of nails. For the removal of nail polish, use good-quality nail polish remover and avoid scratching and rubbing to remove nail polish as it affects the natural shine of the nails, also avoid nail polish removers containing acetone and formaldehyde.

good-quality nail enamels

  • File your nails in a correct way

Always use a good-quality filer for your nails and avoid filing damp and weak nails as these types of nails break easily. Avoid using steel filers and also avoiding back and forth strokes in a very harsh manner. File your nails from corners and then go to the middle of the nail with soft hand. Avoid filing after bath or nail exposure to water.

File your nails

  • Avoid nail biting and keep them dry

Always try to keep your nails dry because a long exposure to moisture makes your nails weakened and lead to breakage. Avoid nails biting as it causes different nail disorders like fungus, infections, damage to cuticles and also effecting growth, shine and shape of the nail.

Avoid nail biting

  • Cut your nails with great care

If you are a fashionable lady and want to grow your nails, don’t grow them too long as it is increasing the risk of breakage. If you don’t want to grow your nails, then cut them with great care, and never cut them profoundly as it is increasing the risk of infection to your finger tips.

Cut your nails

  • Reduce the use of artificial nails

Only use artificial nails occasionally because the glue use for the sticking purpose usually damages your nails, especially the shine and color of your nails.

Reduce the use of artificial nails

  • Keep your nails clean

Daily wash your nails with Luke warm water mixed with soap and a few drops of any anti-septic liquid. It not only keeps your nails clean but also protects them from many infections.

Keep your nails clean

  • Don’t do hard things with your nails

Never try any hard thing to your nails or never exert pressure on them like scratching a hard surface, using nails as screw, etc.

Don’t do hard things with your nails

By following these steps you can enhance the growth and health of your nails and do remember healthy nails means a healthy person.

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