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Top 6 Cat Eye Makeup Tips

A girl’s personality is reflected in her eyes. Ladies are much into following cat eye makeup tips to enhance their beauty and look more elegant. However, it is difficult to apply cat eye makeup. It requires a lot of practice, test and trial methods that teach you how to apply cat eye liner. Nobody is perfect in this makeup, but following few tips makes it easier for you to apply and you will be skilled in a short time period.

cat eye makeup tips

  • Create a base

Apply the lightest color mixing from the lash line to the brow bone. Now apply the additional shade on the eyelid. Select the brightest color from the eye shadow kit and apply it on the outer edge of the lid as a highlight. At the end, add the darkest color beside the lash line to create classification.

  • Define the eye

Initiate with the innermost corner of the eye. Direction the eyeliner from the inner eyelid to the end and put on with minor gentle hits to draw the thinnest line possible. Once you reach the end of the eye, form a tail by spreading your line out and up. This line can be made long and wide as you wish.

cat eye makeup tips

  • Lash out

Mascara is applied to make the eyes more prominent. Curl the mascara in an outward direction to increase the volume of lashes.


  • Get the angle right

This is a critical step. It gives an untidy look if one wing is higher than the other one. If you are a beginner, the coolest method is to hold a brush alongside of nose and apply liner from the outer end of eye ending at the eyebrow line. This shows the accurate angle to get for the cat eyes.

  • Keep your length in mind

Many people cannot understand how long should be the length of the flick, which makes them think that cat eyes are not appealing. Draw angular wings and then triangular in shape, stretch it down towards the lashes. Make the wing length, neither too long nor too short or it may disappear into the folds of the skin.

  • Finishing touch

With the help of concealer brush, dust away any outdone liner to make the make up more precise and sharp.

concealer brush

Following these tips can give you a great look towards getting cat eyes.

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