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Top Fitness Gadgets For Health Junkies

Change is constant and so is technology. Currently, most of the people do not know how to take proper diet. Those that take proper diet too have a challenge of the chemical filled foods, which have negative effects to their bodies. Some of the foods that may have negative effects if the body is not exercised include the use of fats. The effects could include diseases such as atherosclerosis, and diabetes among many others. A daily work out is recommended to ensure that the body is fit.

Many people are familiar with the Smart phone technology and the accompanying apps that help to monitor workout. Well, this article’s focus is on the emergent top fitness gadgets that are compatible with Smartphone and will help you during your workout sessions.

Pioneer SE Headphones: Most health junkies love to listen music while doing exercises. The good thing about these particular headphones is that they are sweat proof. They can help the statistics of the workout during the workout session.

top fitness gadgets

Sportiiiis: The ultimate fitness gadget that is fit for the health junkies who like cycling. It is cool to use though, the cyclists should be cautious of it since it may be equally dangerous. The good part about it is that it can be fixed in sun glasses of the cyclists and it gives statistics of the heart rate in display or through voice prompts depending on the choice of the cyclist.


Nike Fuelband: This is band that is put on the wrist. It is most sought after because of its many benefits that include the ability to track all the activities done within a day, all workouts inclusive of walking done within a day. It is one of the best gadgets in managing health. It can be integrated with your Smartphone to give you a regular track of the workouts you have had.

Nike Fuelband

Fitbug: It is an exercise tracker that gives progress reports of workouts and gives exercises tips based on what you do on a routine basis. This is achieved through connecting it to the smart phone.


Fitbit Aria: Thanks to this technology, you no longer need to stress yourself calculating your Body mass Index. This is a gadget that has been developed to check the body weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) of up to eight persons and then transfer it to your computer or Smartphone for managing your health progress.

Fitbit Aria

HAPIfork: Are you tired of being obesity or eating more than you think it is okay for you? Then this is the solution. This is a gadget that vibrates when you increase you eating speed or when you eat too much. It helps you to maintain a healthy eating style and avoid obesity.


Sensoria Smart Sock: This is a gadget that is best designed for the fitness and performance improvement of the athletes. It is placed in the ankles where the pulse rate can be felt and gives the performance of the athletes when they were working out and how they could better that.

Sensoria Smart Sock

Trace: This is a gadget best for people who love skiing and surfing. It gives the information as it regards to the speed and agility among others.


There are many other fitness gadgets also available to help you out in maintaining your fitness routine very well, but these are the top that can let you handle the hectic routine regarding your fitness easier.

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