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Travel Precautions During Pregnancy

We have seen most of the time that it is quite okay and rather perfectly safe to have a travelling experience during your pregnancy, but what you need to have is just extra planning and you should also be taking few of the added precautions. Here at this post, we will be telling you about some of the travel precautions during pregnancy that are going to protect you and your unborn baby from any future complication:

Make sure that you do consult your healthcare:

If you have been planning to travel then it is vital for you to first consult your doctor because your doctor will be telling you that whether travelling right in the middle of your pregnancy is safer for you or not? We have seen that most of the emergencies just happen right in the first and also during last trimesters. You have to ask your doctor that whether you will be facing any of the medical concerns if you will be working around. If you are one of those women who have high-risk pregnancies then it is a must for you that you have to be extra cautious, you should also then prohibit travelling.

travel precautions during pregnancy

Considering your prenatal test schedule:

If you have been travelling around then it is also important for you to first consider your prenatal tests. You should first be scheduling these following tests right in the specified weeks of your pregnancy. These tests include a first trimester screen for Down syndrome, chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test, nuchal translucency test, tests of amniocentesis. These tests will be telling you that whether it is safe to travel or not? After seeing these results, you will then be able to plan next steps of your pre-trip preparations.


travel precautions during pregnancy

Before having a trip you have to collect your medical records and also health information:

You have to make sure that just before you leave, you have to prepare a list of all those phone numbers which you might need in case of emergency. If your pregnancy situation is in second or in the third trimester, then you have to ask your doctor for a copy of all of your prenatal charts, you should also be bringing them along with you and you should be keeping them with you all the time during your trip.

travel precautions during pregnancy

Take all your medications when you are out:

You have to just be careful when you will be packing for your trip! You should be taking your prescription medications, all of your prenatal vitamins along with you to your trip. If at the time of emergency, you are not able to access necessary medicines then it could prove quite disastrous for your health and pregnancy. That is why it is important for you to keep prescription medicines with you.


travel precautions during pregnancy

Hence, we can say that it is quite important for you to keep in mind all of the above mentioned precautions if you are travelling during pregnancy. It is important for you to keep you and your baby safe and sound. Have a safe and happy journey!

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