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U.S. Dietary Guidelines 2015 Released By The Government-Major Dietary Changes Advised!

U.S. government made an announcement for the dietary guidelines to control the inflating rate of obesity in the New Year. The dietary guidelines were announced on the Thursday with the aim of introducing healthy eating guidelines for the people of United States. According to these 2015 dietary guidelines, people will be encouraged to follow the diet pattern of less sugar, salt and saturated fats, while high amount of whole grains and vegetables would be encouraged.

Dietary Guidelines

According to the 2015 dietary guidelines, you must follow the below mentioned rules with complete dedication:

  • This has never happened before but now the government is in mood to impose strict restrictions on the excessive use of sugar in daily routine. According to the dietary guidelines, government is of the opinion that a common person must only include 10% of the sugary items in his daily diet. Currently an ordinary American is consuming around 2000 calories of sugar each day so now he is limited to only 50 grams of sugar on daily basis.
  • Previously government also tried to control the cholesterol intake of Americans by advising the use of two eggs in a whole day. But now specific amount of cholesterol intake has not been mentioned, on the contrary government has just emphasized on the lesser intake of cholesterol on a daily basis. Although government claimed that people should go for lesser use of dietary cholesterol but they also think that saturated fats are more dangerous than the dietary cholesterol.
  • New guidelines also emphasized on the balanced use of poultry, seafood and other types of protein-enriched food items so people can receive sufficient amount of proteins. At least eight to ten ounces of poultry or seafood is advised on a weekly basis.
  • Another important guideline that the government has included in the 2015 dietary guidelines is to eat as much whole fruits and vegetables as you can. Not only the vegetables and fruits are important but you must also go for a sufficient intake of grains and whole grains.

Although these dietary guidelines are for everyone but it’s better to get your doctor’s advice first before following these guidelines.

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