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Useful Exercises That Are Safe During Pregnancy

There are many suitable exercises that are safe during pregnancy and might be adopted without any worry. Though these exercises might be different but all such exercises can keep you active throughout your whole pregnancy period. But, the lower impact exercises should be adopted in the later months. You should also never forget that these exercises can cause injury due to your growing belly during pregnancy. For this reason, you cannot consider about the exercises that you do during normal days.

It is recommended that you should do exercises like swimming, stationary bike or yoga. You must avoid all such exercises that have greater impact on the body, because you also have to maintain the growing fetus during pregnancy. In this regard, you should consider your breathing that must be fluent, and if you feel that you cannot talk properly then you need to stop that exercise immediately.


Swimming is considered as one of the best exercises during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you feel overweight and pressure on the joints and ligaments. At this stage, you look for the exercises through which you can maintain your muscle tone and feel weightlessness as well. Swimming is the best exercise to achieve these targets without any risking injury to your ligaments and joints. It also doesn’t put additional strain and can be adopted during pregnancy progress. Swimming is also the best exercise for your growing belly due to pregnancy. If you don’t have a swimming pool in your home, you can join YMCA and can use their swimming pool facilities, to maintain your fitness and feel active.

exercises that are safe during pregnancy

Using stationary bike:

A stationary bike is another helpful exercise that can be adopted during pregnancy. This exercise has very low impact on the body but it develops resistance in the body against overweight. The intensity of this exercise totally depends upon the time and should practice it for shorter time periods and must take rests after few minutes. This way, you will be able to keep the strain away from your pelvis and lower back. This exercise can be practiced at home during the free hours but if you don’t have required tools, you can find and join a health club in your nearby area.

stationary bike


Yoga is also considered as one of the best exercises during the pregnancy. It is also a most practiced exercise by the pregnant mothers, because it helps them in maintaining elasticity of their ligaments and muscle tone as well. You should also exercise it daily, especially if don’t have swimming pool and stationary bike facilities. You will find the benefits in throughout your pregnancy even it will make easy for you to birth your child. It also decreases stress on the body and you will feel more relax and comfortable than before.


All these exercises are not only safe for pregnant women but it also helps them in controlling their weight. You can adopt these exercises without any worries, but it is also recommended that you must concern your doctor regularly during these exercises. The doctor will provide you more professional advice to develop your health without any risk of injury.

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