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Vaginal Discharge: How To Prevent Discomfort?

Due to the artificial nature of life, maintaining your biological health is becoming the toughest thing on earth. A common human being has to cope with millions of issues on daily basis that taking care of his health seems to be the last thing on his mind. Women especially have to fulfill thousands of responsibilities each day and are not able to spare even a few seconds for their daily life.

Most common health issue faced by women:

Women tend to face different health issues during their daily routine. Most of these issues and could be easily resolved by following some homely remedies while others might need doctor’s attention. Most of the women complain about vaginal discharge and the itching that occurs due to smelly vaginal discharge. Although vaginal discharge is a common issue for all the women and it can be avoided or easily treated at home but in some cases a woman does need the treatment of a gynecologist.

What is a vaginal discharge?

Female body generates a normal amount of liquid that is generated from the vaginal tract. This vaginal discharge is very important for the bodily health as it all the dead cells and toxins from the vagina. The female vagina remains in a healthy condition due to the normal vaginal discharge. As all the toxins are removed through this discharge so the vagina also remains protected from any sort of infection.

vaginal discharge

Alarming symptoms:

The color and smell of vaginal discharge usually change with conditions of the body and the woman’s mood. Whether a woman is breastfeeding, pregnant or ovulating, the discharge would differ each time. Slight change in the color or smell is a normal thing. Normally a discharge would remain transparent, white or milky but if it changes the color to dark yellow, green or reddish then you should definitely take this seriously.

Some of the other worrisome symptoms include: strong smell, severe itching or burning during urination, severe itching or burning in the vagina and surrounding areas.

Reasons of disturbing discharge:

If you are facing reddish, brownish, dark yellowish, greyish, cloudy, or cheesy sort of discharge then there are chances that you might be undergoing through any of the bacterial infections. Yeast or bacterial infections could lead to severe irritation, pain or burning in the vaginal areas. It is better to control such infections in the initial stages otherwise you could suffer from severe discomfort. Such infections could result from cervical cancer, PID, unprotected sex, diabetes, use of steroids or oral contraceptives.

vaginal infection

Health remedies to prevent vaginal infection:

You can easily beat vaginal infection by increasing your intake of fluids. It would be much better if you add lemon to your daily drinks. Drinking acidic fluids can help cleanse your vaginal tract.

Further you need to keep the vaginal area clean and moisturized. Try to wash the concerned area with a medicated soap plus try to avoid all sorts of scented soaps and body washing chemicals. Use cotton underpants and try to avoid silk undergarments. Before using the washroom, ensure that your toilet is clean. Don’t wash your vaginal area from back to front; do it the other way.

If the infection is very severe then see your doctor immediately, such infections could easily be treated by using antibiotics or vaginal creams.

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