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Victorian-Era Epidemics Are Making A Comeback With Great Speed!

You might have heard about the old fashion trends that reappear after every few years but now a new issue is at rise as the old diseases are also making a comeback in Britain. Recently doctors from different parts of Britain reported the rising cases of diseases belonging to the Victorian-era. Many people from different parts of Britain are falling ill with scarlet fever, cholera, tuberculosis, and scurvy. British doctors are amazed at the high number of patients that are turning in due to these Victorian-era epidemics in a country with extremely advanced medical facilities. Common understanding was that due to the availability of advanced medical treatments and hygienic environment, these diseases were completely eliminated from Britain but now it turns out that reality was totally the opposite.

Statistics issued by the Britain’s health department are quite shocking as a speedy rising trend has been seen in the spread of these diseases. According to the statistics of last five years, scurvy hiked by almost 38% while the spread of cholera elevated to almost 300%. Dr. Nuria Martinez declared that scarlet fever also jumped to shocking rates by showing the elevation of 136%; almost 14000 cases were reported during the year 2014-15. Similar ratios were last seen in the era of 1960s, since then the epidemics were under control but now it seems people are again facing the situation of 1960s.

Victorian-Era Epidemics

Scarlet Fever was considered to be a grave evil during the Victorian-era as hundreds of kids faced death due to it.  Scarlet fever starts with a scarlet rash and gets brutal as it turns into high fever and throat soreness. The disease is considered to be highly contagious as it spreads via inhalation. Present day antibiotics can treat scarlet fever. Tuberculosis, in comparison to the scarlet fever is slightly at the decline but still it is a dangerous disease. Around 5,500 cases were reported during the year 2014 in Britain, which is an alarming situation.

TB or tuberculosis is a highly contagious disease as it spreads through the saliva, coughing or inhalation of the infected person. Researchers from Britain, right now, are completely indulged in the mission to control this deadly disease from entering the future.

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