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Effective Ways To Reduce Tummy After C-Section?

A c-section is performed when any sort of complication has occurred during the normal delivery or when there is a threat to the life of mother or baby. Although c-section is a life saving procedure but this procedure carries a lot of drawbacks with it. After the c-section, the mother has to live with a scar on her abdominal area above the pubic bone for the rest of her life. Although the scar heals with the passage of the time but still the area around the scar feels dead for many years. Due to c-section, most of the women are not able to decrease their pregnancy belly so their belly remains in bloated form. If you have just passed though a c-section then the below mentioned effective ways to reduce tummy after c-section are definitely going to help you.

How to reduce tummy after c-section?

Caution: you must not try any of the mentioned below methods before your scar has healed completely and for this you must wait at least for six weeks after the c-section.

  • First of all you need to massage the scar and its surrounding area in order to increase the blood flow to that area. You can do this massage with olive oil or mustard oil but you must do it tenderly. Massage on the scar area is not only going to improve the blood flow to that area but it will also help in breaking the tissues and improving oxygen flow to that area.
  • You need to follow two light exercises in order to reduce your belly but you must keep in mind that over-exerting yourself during the process of these exercises can cause you harm instead of causing benefit. So you must perform these exercises but with great caution.

Exercise no.1

This first exercise requires you to lie on your back and bend your knees. You must then slowly extend your legs, one at a time, and lay it flatly along the floor. After extending the leg, you must slowly move it back into the raised position. You must repeat this procedure with both legs.

Exercise no.2

The second exercise requires you to lie on your back and put your feet up high on the rolling ball. Your knees must remain in the bent position. You must push the ball away from you with the help of your legs and then move it closer to you. Never get off the floor in a straight, jumping position right after the workout. You must always roll on one side and then get off the floor.

Things you must keep in mind during belly reducing exercises

  • The most important thing that you must keep in your mind is that you must always be patient with yourself. You must never start doing heavy exercises right after the healing of your scar.
  • Move to diet that contains high level carbohydrates. Being a new mom, carbohydrates will be good for you and at the same time, you must cut all sorts of fats from your diet.
  • Drinking lots of water or taking lots of fluids are also going to prove very helpful in reducing the belly.

By following the above mentioned guidelines and keeping yourself persistent, you can easily reduce the belly fat and enjoy your pre-pregnancy body.

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