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WATCH: How To Make Low Carb Bread At Home?

We all love bread! But we also know that we can’t eat it that much, because it’s not healthy due to carbohydrates it has inside. The main reason behind it is, when we don’t utilize enough carbs we eat, they get stored in the form of fats in our body. In the video, you’ll learn how you can make Low Carb Bread. It will only take 5 ingredients to make it.


  • Ingredients you need are, three egg yolks with separated whites. Cream cheese, baking powder and a zero carb sweetener.
  • Pre heat your oven to 300
  • Add sweetener and cream cheese together in egg yolks and mix them until it becomes creamy. Put it aside after that.
  • Mix the baking powder with egg whites and mix it with electric mixer. However, you can also do it with your hands if you want to.
  • Now, grab the yolk mixture and mix the egg whites and fold them slowly.
  • Pop the scoops of the final mixture into a baking sheet and flat them with the back side of spoon.
  • Put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Do keep an eye on them, because they can even burn sometimes.


You can even make turkey or tuna sandwich with this low carb bread made at home.

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