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What To Wear Booties With To Look Elegant?

There are a lot of stylish booties in fashion nowadays and they are turning the table for the traditional shoes for the women. High heeled boots, flat boots and wedges have a wide range of choice and selection for the women. However, many women get confused about what to wear booties with. This article will be helpful for those women perfectly.

how to wear booties

What to wear booties with?

You can select any of the below listed unique ideas for wearing the perfect clothing items with the booties. Here are some of the helpful ideas for you.

  • Ankle booties are perfect with the denim jeans and the short skirts. You can select the outfit with the ankle booties according to the place where you are going. For the office outfit you can wear the long or short skirt along with ankle booties whereas for the evening excursions the denim jeans and tie shirts are perfect match with the ankle booties. For any of the party or wedding occasion you can go with the ankle booties as they complete your elegant outlook with the perfectly matching short skirts and denim shorts.

What to wear booties with

  • Heeled booties can be worn with the plaid pencil skirt and the short shirts, T-shirts and pleaded sweaters. This will be the wonderful outfit for the official tours, universities and the evening parties. You can confidently go with this match and can gather the praising comments of the other people happily. Heeled booties are perfect for you if you have a slightly small height and wearing them with the colorful skirts can give fabulous look to you.

Heeled booties

  • Flat booties look awesome when you wear the tailored or any other kind of shorts with them. You can go with this option for any of the purpose. You can look perfect if you wear these booties with the pants. Official or domestic tours can be happily done with this combination. Feel confident to wear this kind of dress with the flat booties. You can also wear any kind of skirt with the flat booties as flat booties look awesome with all kind of outfits if you have a good height.

Flat booties

  • Pointed toe booties are available in vast range of colors so you can go for the matching pointed toe-booties with the printed skirts and plain shirts of the matching or combination colors. A woven or silken scarf will add more charm and glamour to your personality. You can just carry a decent hand bag with this outfit and booties to look elegant enough to attend the meetings.

What to wear booties with

  • Leather booties are not only traditional ones but also a good option to wear with the long pants, jeans and skirts. They perfectly match with the printed and colored tights and long or small matching shirts. You can wear the skin tight jeans along with these booties without pondering much as it will be a perfect match for you.

leather booties

Do not feel confused about your outlook because you will look beautiful in these matching pair of shoes and outfits.

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