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Why Do Lips Get Chapped – How To Cure?

There are many reasons for why do lips get chapped, Mostly the dry sensation of your lips, cracking skin of lips and bleeding. Commonly it happens in certain seasons.

why do lips get chapped

However, the skin on the lips is much more sensitive than the skin of your body.

Being made of epidermis and dermis like the other skin, the outer layer of epidermis on lips is much thinner then the rest of the body. Also, lips do not have hairs to provide protection against the sun.

This is the main reason, the lips gets chapped in the cold or on a sunny beach. The excess wind and the lack of moisture in the air is the main reason for the lips to chap.

Another reason behind the lips chap is the excess licking of your lips through your tongue. Want to know the reason why? Well, when the saliva from your lips evaporates, it also sucks out all the moisture with it.

why do lips get chapped

Some of the products can also be the cause for the lips to get chapped. These products includes the cosmetics, toothpastes, medication, figs, food coloring’s and even the lip balms.

So what really can you do to restore your moisture to your chapped lips?

The answer is, stay hydrated, breath from nose, use a humidifier during the dry month, avoid licking the lips, stay away from the harmful products and reduce the sun exposure. You can also use an oil petroleum jelly for the cure of chapped lips.

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