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Why I Get Constipation During Pregnancy?

Constipation is the major health problem of the pregnant women. The hormonal imbalance causes the constipation during pregnancy while not only irritates but also induces other major disorders in the pregnant women. The digestive abnormalities cause the constipation in the human body. When the pregnancy occurs it induces the constipation in the first trimester commonly. However, with help of medication the issue can e resolved conveniently. In case of prolonged constipation the specific medicines should be used this will resist the happening of other various kinds of internal problems in the mother and the baby.

Constipation During Pregnancy

Why constipation during pregnancy happens?

  • Progesterone the female hormone increases its production up to a high level when the pregnancy starts. In most of the females who undergoes the fertilization of eggs the high level of progesterone is unbearable so their bodies start reacting in variety of ways by making different disorders to show their reactions.
  • The constipation is the type of reaction to the increased production of progesterone in pregnant women. Besides this the use of fertility increasing medicines and use of various kind of prenatal and multi vitamins is the major cause of constipation during pregnancy.
  • The bulging uterus can also induce constipation in the pregnant females as the intestinal tract might get pressed of disturbed because of the expansion of the uterus gradually.
  • The high dose of iron in the supplements or medicines is also a major reason of inducing constipation in the female body.
  • The several cravings to eat food causes the high rate of metabolism which sometimes disturbs the digestive or intestinal tract causing constipation in the pregnant females.

What can I do to avoid constipation?

There are several kinds of steps which you can take in order to avoid constipation.

  • The use of food rich in fiber is the most effective means of resolving the constipation problem. Fiber can resist the loosening of the digestive tract which supports the constipation process. Banana is the perfect food for the people who owe constipation. Other than banana the various kinds of cereals, beans and bread can also help to reduce the problem.
  • The excessive use of fresh fruit is very good to end the constipation. You can use fresh fruit in different forms like salads, sweet dishes and a lot more can serve the purpose well.
  • The addition of the fresh vegetables in salads and meals is also helpful in serving the purpose in the best effective way.
  • The habit to drink twelve glass of water a day is the best kind of remedy for the constipation. The minimum use of water and least urination rate are the major cause of constipation. So, make habit of drinking plenty of water before and during the meals to avoid the constipation during pregnancy.
  • Reducing the amount of iron in your food or medicine can also help to solve your problem of constipation.
  • Lastly, you can take medication to serve the purpose of solving constipation problem when you think that the problem is getting prolonged and making other disorders as well.


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