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Why Women Prefer Healthy Juices to Drink?

It is widely believed that juicing contains complete nutrients, we ignore while cooking vegetables and eating fruits, that give your immune system a boost that protects you from any harmful disease and ailment. According to a registered dietitian one of the great benefits of the juicing is that it contains those enzymes that are beneficial in absorption and digestion, while cooking the vegetables those enzymes will be destroyed. Juicing is also considered a great source of kid’s foods because it tucks things in kids that they never take whole. The question always rose that which healthy juices to drink and at what combination?

Some healthy juices and their benefits:

  • Beet juice: According to a research in London, it is suggested that beet juice improves the stamina by reducing the requirement of exercising oxygen. It ultimately benefits in exercising because this will reduce the walking efforts by 12 percent and enhance the timing of exercise by 16 percent.

Healthy juices to drink

  • Pineapple juice: The subject offers you the protection from UV (Ultraviolent Rays), by starting your day with the pineapple juice. It will boost the immunity of the body against skin cancer. A research study in Australia suggested that an enzyme named bromelain has found in the pineapple that offers protection against the growth of melanoma and tumor probably known as skin cancers.

Healthy juices to drink


  • Blueberries, Strawberries and spinach. According to a research, the subject uses in juices will reduce the memory losses problems, enhance the learning abilities and also protect against damaging of cell during oxidation.

Healthy juices to drink

  • Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits include lemon, orange, etc. In short, it includes all those fruits that are rich in vitamin C. According to a study conducted in California it was suggested that vitamin c is helpful in curing of heart diseases and also diabetes, when took in a proper form. According to an Italian study the inflammation of chronic will lead to long term cell damage resulting in increased mortality rate due to lack of vitamin C. The juice of citrus fruits will enhance the immunity of the body against long term cell damaging.

Healthy juices to drink

Benefits of juicing:

Juicing helps in absorption of all important nutrients from the vegetables. This is very important reason because we have impaired digestion system due to our less choice of optimal food from past many years. That reduces the immunity of body from digestion all nutrients of vegetables, while juice helps in their pre-digestion.

Benefits of juicing

Juicing helps in consumption and digestion of optimal amount of vegetables in a proper and efficient way. Sometimes, it is very difficult to eat vegetables at large quantity probably 1 kg but this target can be accomplished through one glass.

Juicing provides you the opportunity of using different variety of vegetables. Sometimes you eat the same salad daily, this might halt the principal of food rotation and you will be allergic to the specific vegetables. While on the other hand, juicing helps you to use the vast variety of vegetables in efficient way.

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