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Natural Remedies For Breast Cancer: Women’s Health

If men are becoming a prey of prostate cancer; women are concerned with the breast cancer. This dries up the means of pleasure of women each year, poor and rich. Actually, this is not a new type of cancer, but it is increasing day by day. Atossa, the queen of Persia, had tried her best to fight against her breast cancer but all in vain. Her eyes were full of tears, in an unbearable pain, circled by friends and family. At last, she said goodbye to wealth and power to a never-ending journey.  But there is no need to fear because breast cancer can be prevented through women’s health natural remedies.

Facts about breast cancer:

No doubt, medical science has progressed very much but despite the progress, the intensity and amount of breast cancer has been increasing around the world. It is the most common type of cancer in women. According to the various medical statistics, 1 woman out of 12 has the breast cancer during her lifetime. All classes of women are concerned about cancer. Despite billion of dollars spent in studies of breast cancer, the causes are not understood enough. Healing of this disease is imaginary.

Some victims are turned to alternatives to boost up their possibility of being cured. If this disease has attacked you, this article will help you out a lot more in war against breast cancer.

Can breast cancer be cured besides chemotherapy and radiotherapy?


Immunotherapy makes the body able to fight or protect against pathogenic attack, especially against the development of cancer cells. Most people think that Immunotherapy is new; but the physicians, in the past believed that there was only a way called Immune system which had a power to attack against viral and bacterial attacks. Dr. William Coley demonstrated it about 100 years ago that it can control or cure the increase of cancer cells with vaccine which builds up the immune system, but the logic was not so praised by the medical science.

According to the years’ studies of researchers, the immune system plays an important role in securing the body against all type of cancer. If the attacked patient has immune system not just against the breast cancer or any other type of cancer, can easily be cured with radiation and chemotherapy. It will increase the chance of healing the cancer.

Steps to increase your immune system naturally:

By taking some supplements regularly, your immune system can work like a child. Below is the list of recommended supplements.

  • Lignans

These are also called as dietary estrogens and from the house of phytoestrongens, found in big quantities in vegetables and fruits, flaxseed, grains and soy. They have curative and preventive effects on breast cancer. It seems that Lignans stops and blocks the tumor increasing hormones. In short, being a cancer victim, it is better for you to boost up your Lignan intake.


  • Ellagic acid

This is a polyphenol antioxidant found in many vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, walnuts and grenades etc. Ellagic acid is also good against heart diseases. For immediate results, you can take this supplement with cruciferous vegetables and fruits.

brest cancer herbs

  • Astragalus

It has been used in herbal medicines for hundreds of years build up the body against heart diseases, diabetes, lower blood pressure and many forms of cancer.

breast cancer treatment and prevention

The use of Astragals not only prevent to increase cancer cells but also beneficial in many other diseases.

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