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Would DNA-Diet Be The Solution To Evil Obesity?

Obesity is the issue that is not only causing a large number of deaths in United States but it is also causing severe issues around the world. Even in North America, a large number of people have been affected due to obesity; same is the condition with the rest of the world. Obesity is the condition that makes way for other deadly diseases. This is the reason that all the public health organizations and government-controlled agencies have been striving hard to find the cure to obesity but up till now none of them gained any success.

In the past different food control procedures were also implemented, for instance heavy taxes were imposed on fast food and other food items but these procedures showed no effect so United States till the current date was not able to defeat obesity.

dna diet

Recently the researchers from the Texas University came to an amazing conclusion. According to the researchers, human DNA can be used to defeat the evil giant of obesity. Researchers are of the opinion that humans facing the issue of obesity must follow the diet plan that matches with their own genetical structure. This type of plan can be implemented by the year 2020. Researchers further claim that even though all the other types of diets were not able to control human obesity but this “DNA Diet” without any doubt possesses the immense power to control obesity.

This diet is more productive and different from all the other diets as the diet shows speedy yet permanent effects.

Molly Bray, the nutritional sciences professor and lead author states “I think within five years, we’ll see people start to use a combination of genetic, behavioral and other sophisticated data to develop individualized weight-management plans.”

If people think that following this diet would be an easy way then they would have to change their thinking because this diet would also require people to follow strict exercise routines, healthy life style, self-control, and complete discipline of life. The only traits that make this diet unique from all the other diets are the effective and fast-paced results of this diet.

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