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Sex During Pregnancy: What To Avoid?

Pregnancy is not only the natural transition process for any woman but it also contains emotional feelings for her. Females often get excited when they came to know that they have conceived. A lot of women feel that their desire for sex during pregnancy has driven high. According to an estimate, this is only because of excessive blood flow around the uterus that leads to more enjoyable sex in pregnancy.

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Not a big deal:

In most of the cases if pregnancy persists normally, intercourse among spouses is not a big deal and is perfectly natural. Even, during the pregnancy couple could find the intercourse better than before. During first four to five months of pregnancy as women hasn’t bodily changed so it is much easier to have intercourse. After that during the rest months of pregnancy, bodily changes might be a hurdle in having intercourse but still it doesn’t prohibit it completely and is safe before the water in pregnant woman has broken.

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Intercourse during the pregnancy harms the baby?

This question generally worries some couples. Couples must know that intercourse during the pregnancy wouldn’t harm the baby because your baby is safe in womb that is sealed with mucous plug. However, it might possible that rigorous sex might discomfort the mother. In this case, you need to know the times when sex instead of pleasure become pain.

intercourse during pregnancy

Why to avoid intercourse during pregnancy:

There are some unusual cases in which your gynecologist forbade you for intercourse further.

  • Preterm labour cases

Intercourse must be avoided in cases of preterm labour. As intercourse during such cases might induce infection in woman’s uterus as semen contains substances that are known to make uterus contract.

Preterm labour cases

  • Placenta previa

Placenta previa is when placenta partially or completely covers the cervix and intercourse must be avoided in this case.

Placenta previa

  • Miscarriages

It is also suggested that intercourse should be avoided during the first 14 weeks of the pregnancy, because of the development of critical organs. This time is also considered as the source of anxiety for the women and 80 % chances for miscarriage occurs. If you have the history of miscarriages you need to stop your sexual activities during pregnancy.

intercourse during pregnancy

  • Premature birth

If you have history of premature birth you need to avoid intercourse during pregnancy after some specific period.

Premature birth

  • Infection presence in either partner

If one partner had some contagious infection after pregnancy the intercourse should be stopped because it can be transferred to the other partner.

Infection presence in either partner

  • Bleeding with intercourse

In some exceptional cases intercourse during the pregnancy resulted in bleeding that could be harmful for both baby and mother and intercourse must be stopped.

Bleeding with intercourse

  • Precautions for intercourse during pregnancy

Remember one thing that don’t put burden on the abdominal of the women during intercourse that is too dangerous for both baby and mother.

Bleeding with intercourse

Another thing to avoid is uncomfortable position for intercourse, etc.

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